Guided tours in Littoinen factory area

Walking tour leads you through significant Littoinen woollen mill area in Turku region and take you also to the shore of lake Littoinen. We will see an old woolen mill building itself, wooden houses for its workers, impressive manor house of the owner and in the end you can visit our wooden church.

Our professional guide tells you intriguing stories how people were working here at that time, about their active leisure time and family life.You will also hear how people live here nowadays and how life has changed after the mill stopped operating here.

 History of the woollen mill area

The factory operated 1823 -1969. It was the first woolen mill in Finland and also the largest in southern Finland. The Owner-Patrons built housing around the main factory and provided nearly everything for their hundreds of workers. In the peak decades of production you could find here a kindergarten, a pensioner’s house, school, church, community house, shops and different kinds of services. More than a factory, it was a complete community. Even though the factory no longer operates, you can still find those historical buildings and the continued sense of 19th century industrial village life.

Fortunately, the factory buildings have found new purposes in life, being converted into privately owned loft apartments.  All the surrounding historic wooden houses have been restored as well and inhabitants enjoy the quiet of beautiful flower gardens and lawns. The whole historic protected area remains very unique and idyllic.

The woolen mill area is situated at the beautiful lake Littoinen. The charming Littoinen village is located 8 km from Turku city.

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